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Intuitive Soul Reading

Seeing clearly is the first step to an illuminated path to healing.

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We all have an inner knowing. It comes with a human body. While our culture can make it challenging to retain that sight past childhood, it hasn't left us. It is possible to bring that back into our daily lives. With a few tools you'll have access to seeing and using your truth. We will discuss what intuition is and I'll lead you through meditations and exercises that will lead you to begin to trust that voice.
The event is a suggested donation of $30. Spaces are limited. To reserve your spot venmo @mitzi-koors or paypal

Strengthen your intuition

Saturday March 19,

My Story


When I came to this life I decided I wanted to feel and see over the spectrum of what makes us human... compassion, loneliness, elation, creativity, bitterness, love, jealousy, pure joy… I learned later in life that humans are the only beings who have the opportunity to feel everything. It’s only on earth that we can clear all types of energy with the goal of eventually becoming pure light.  This can be done in an infinite number of ways and can take many, many lifetimes.