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My Story

When I came to this life I decided I wanted to feel and see over the spectrum of what makes us human... compassion, loneliness, elation, creativity, bitterness, love, jealousy, pure joy… I learned later in life that humans are the only beings who have the opportunity to feel everything. It’s only on earth that we can clear all types of energy with the goal of eventually becoming pure light.  This can be done in an infinite number of ways and can take many, many lifetimes.


I chose this life to see. To peak subsurface and with curiosity, look into the shadows.


Clairvoyance, intuition, second sight… these came with your human body as they came with mine. When I was a little girl I noticed I was very aware of the way spaces felt when I entered them. My body reacted with sensations that told the story of the lingering energy in the room. People, without language, share similar stories and I knew at a young age communicating beyond the physical is our spirits first language. Our energetic bodies share all the things our voices don’t.


When I became Reiki certified (I, II and Reiki Master) 6 years ago, I started noticing the pictures others energy bodies were sharing with me, not just sensations. The letters I’ve always felt swimming around in my energetic space now were becoming words. I was able to read people. Honing this skill over the years has been a beautiful journey.


I’m currently a student at Boulder Psychic Institute. I’ve almost completed the Enlightenment Program and will continue on with the Avatar program. BPI has equipped me with tools to see and heal by clearing energy from my space that isn’t mine. That is energetic healing. Bringing these tools to others who are ready to reclaim their space is part of my life’s path.


The other parts of me… I’m a mother of 3, and have had what feels like full lifetimes in the fields of archaeology/anthropology, art/sculpture/design, sustainability, marketing renewable energy, and organic farming. My husband and I homestead our 38 acres and recently built a strawbale home.  It’s a simple, quiet and beautifully fulfilling life that has given me the opportunity to sit, be still and listen to the vibrations of life.

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